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Best Practices for Negotiating Payer Contracts

Best practices for Managed Care leaders to negotiate payer contracts as cost shifts from the payer to the patient.

Shifting reimbursement is putting more pressure on hospital executives to set charges, negotiate payer contractual allowables, and provide accurate estimates of cost. The result leaves patients to assume greater financial responsibility than ever before.

Healthcare providers recognize that reimbursement negotiations still take place with
the organization’s payers, but the patient is quickly becoming a consumer of healthcare services—
versus a recipient of services.

This whitepaper provides Managed Care leaders with details on how contract governance is evolving in a consumer-focused, value-based payment system, and outlines best practices for negotiating payer contracts.

About the author

Greg Kay Pic

Greg Kay

Senior Vice President, Revenue Strategy



Greg has managed and consulted in healthcare for 29 years. He has been with PMMC for the past 20 years and prior to that was the VP of Sales for PCA (Beverly Enterprises' pharmacy division). Greg has experience in multisite operations management, managed care negotiation experience, and product development/implementation.

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