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Talk to an Expert

Get started with your revenue strategy today!

When should I expect to receive a response from PMMC?

A revenue cycle strategy expert will reach out to you within 24 hours!

How many clients does PMMC have?

PMMC has more than 450 clients nationwide, all of which are healthcare providers and physician groups.

What can I expect on a first call with PMMC?

Our experts will ask about your current specific needs, but we typically like to spend 30-60 minutes on our first conversation to discuss revenue strategies for your healthcare organization.

What is the typical return on investment for a PMMC client?

The average return on investment for a PMMC client is 10 to 1.

PMMC compiles these statistics on a client by client basis monthly and reports them to its staff and clients on a quarterly basis.   The below represents the YTD ROI totaled among all its clients.