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Whitepaper: The 4 Key Metrics for Contract Management

Applying metrics to your hospital contract management system is critical to maximizing reimbursement

 The proper use of healthcare contract management software can make a difference of 2-3 percent net revenue. Thus, the proper use of a contract management system should be considered “mission critical,” from a financial perspective, but it often does not receive the attention it deserves. This whitepaper explains how applying metrics to healthcare contract management helps assure all accounts receive appropriate attention, thus ensuring revenue integrity.

In this whitepaper, learn why you should apply metrics to:

  • Keeping contracts up-to-date
  • Resolving account errors quickly
  • Measuring Payment Accuracy
  • Quantifying contract Calculation Accuracy

About the author

Roger L. Shaul Headshot.jpg

Roger Shaul, FACHE

President, PMMC

Mr. Shaul is a former vice president of SunHealth (now Premier, Inc.), director of Sun Alliance, and has been responsible for the operation of two hospitals. Highlights of his career include overseeing the development and evolution of PMMC from a consulting firm specializing in payer/provider negotiations using actuarial techniques and performing hospital rate setting into a leading software firm specializing in the full spectrum of provider revenue cycle operations.

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