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Executive Order: The Financial and Legal Impact on Payer Contracts

Webinar Overview

Now that the Executive Order on price transparency has been issued, every healthcare leader should be asking themselves, “What does this mean for the future of my payer contracts?”

Although the exact details of the Executive Order are still unknown, this much is:

The relationship and integration between the patient portion, charges, and how you negotiate rates with the payer just became a lot stronger.


In this webinar hosted by PMMC, attendees will learn:

  • The purpose and basic principles behind the Executive Order
  • How contracted rates drive out of pocket cost estimates for "shoppable" services
  • Recommendations for contractual language and negotiation tactics going forward
  • Metrics and benchmarks for measuring payer performance
  • How to leverage technology and analytics to better forecast shifting reimbursement


About the Presenters:


David Profile Photo

David Chilman, Esq., President, Chilman Law Firm P.A. 

David Chilman is an attorney with more than 27 years of experience representing hospitals, physicians, ancillary providers, managed care companies and pharmaceutical companies. Mr. Chilman has extensive experience with health care reimbursement matters and provides managed care legal and strategic consulting services to health care providers.



Greg Kay, Senior Vice President of Revenue Strategy, PMMC

Greg has managed and consulted in healthcare for 31 years (21 with PMMC and prior to that with PCA (Beverly Enterprises’ pharmacy division). Greg has experience in multisite operations management, managed care negotiation from a healthcare provider’s vantage point, and product development/implementation.


Brad Josephson Pic

Brad Josephson, Director of Marketing, PMMC

Brad Josephson has nine years of experience in B2B marketing and communications. Brad is currently the Director of Marketing at PMMC, leading the company’s digital strategy and positioning in the healthcare revenue cycle market. Before PMMC, Brad led marketing and events at PayStream Advisors (now Levvel), a strategic consultant for Fortune 500 corporations.

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