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Webinar On-Demand:
Analytics to Drive Payer Negotiations

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About the Webinar

Managing payer performance is often easier said than done. Too often, hospitals and health systems lack the micro-level insight of why contract terms are not reimbursed accurately.

In this webinar, we share new strategies for Managed Care and Revenue Cycle to collaborate and gain better insight into payer contract performance and ultimately negotiate more favorable contracts.

The webinar covers:

  • The basics of contract modeling with the data and metrics you need to have in place 
  • New strategies for contract modeling driven by analytics, including real-world "what if" scenarios
  • How to model the newly published competitor rate data 

Meet the Speakers

Greg Kay Oval-1

Greg Kay, Senior Vice President of Revenue Strategy, PMMC

Brian K updated






Brian Kenyon, Manager, Business Intelligence, PMMC

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