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On-Demand Webinar: Today's Trends in Chargemaster Review



The chargemaster is the central mechanism of the revenue cycle – it’s the master file of a hospital’s prices and proper reimbursement depends on its accuracy. If your hospital is considering a Chargemaster review, there are several factors to weigh in order to achieve net revenue impact goals.  

Tara Bogart, VP Consulting at PMMC will share the three biggest trends in Chargemaster review today, including: 

  • Selecting the rate adjustment goals - with an industry emphasis on price transparency, find out why more hospitals are attempting to decrease charges without impacting net revenue
  • Pharmacy and supply prices – how a new focus on pharmacy and supply prices presents a new opportunity to reduce prices
  • Modeling rate changes to predict impact – how new modeling tools are being leveraged to forecast the net impact on revenue

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