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Webinar On-Demand:
How Hospitals are Publishing and Analyzing Charge Data

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About the Webinar

Now that the January 1st deadline has passed, hospitals are required to comply with the CMS Price Transparency final rule.

How did hospitals meet the mandate, and more importantly, how do they plan to use the negotiated charge data?

In this webinar, PMMC will evaluate how hospitals are publishing the newly required negotiated charge data and shoppable services to provide some benchmarks for your organization. We will also offer strategies for how to best leverage the data and the potential impact it can have on your hospital’s revenue cycle.

We will specifically cover:

• Stats and benchmarks for how hospitals are complying so far
• How CMS is enforcing the new mandate
• How to use the new data as a competitive advantage
• Vital analytics and metrics to measure payer contract success

Meet the Speakers

Greg Kay Oval-1






Greg Kay, Senior Vice President of Revenue Strategy, PMMC

Greg has managed and consulted in healthcare for 30 years and has been with PMMC for the past 20 years. Greg has experience in multisite operations management, managed care negotiation experience, and product development/implementation.

Tara Bogart Speaker Promo-1





Tara Bogart, Vice President of Revenue Strategy, PMMC

Tara has 20 years of experience working with hospitals on issues related to pricing transparency, charge master rate setting, and managed care contract negotiation. 

Brad Josephson Speaker






Brad Josephson, Director of Marketing and Communications, PMMC

Brad has 10 years of experience in B2B marketing and communications and has been with PMMC for the past six years.

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